Do you need your own Walmart on the Web?
Flash Graphics?
Streaming Sound or Video?
The latest and greatest Web Wonders?

Sorry, I don't do that.

Do you need a low cost web presence?
Do you need a web site YOU can maintain?
Do you need to reach users that do not have broad band?
Do you live in the El Paso Southwest?

You've come to the right Place!

I specialize in the simple things. If you need a web presence to advertise your business, we can design and build a site for your needs. A site that loads fast enough for dial-up users but can include pictures, gif animations and even some sound. Our basic site design is done with you to suit your needs, and includes teaching YOU to maintain and modify your site without incurring additional charges.

For Examples of what I can do for you check out Rancho Allegre Arabians or Caretakers Pest Control  or Banapest

Basic web page design and construction Prices range from $100 to $200 an hour, depending on time and location.